Is Net Neutrality Antiquated?

Fri May 16 2014

Isn't that a loaded question?  Stop and think about it for a few seconds.  I know, you already have strong opinions on the subject, but do it anyway.

Is Net Neutrality antiquated?


ICS in Linux Mint

Wed May 14 2014

If you want to enable ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on Linux Mint, you just need to follow some extremely simple steps.

  1. Open the Network Manager
  2. Click on Edit Connections

  3.

HTML/Javascript Upload Progress Jumps to 100%

Fri May 09 2014

I recently discovered a problem with HTML5 Upload progress events in Javascript.  If you are using any code similar to the snippets below, you may have experienced it to.  You might notice that the progress jumps right to 100% and the uploadComplete function gets called immediately.  This won't happen to everyone, but doing some research I found the cause if it happens to you.

What is happening (at least to me and others) is your AntiVirus program (I happen to have AVG running) is intercepting the upload to scan it.  Your browser sees it as normal upload progress.  Since it's right on disk, this happens very quickly.  If you disable LinkScanner Surf-Shield in AVG, the problem goes away.  With some careful checking, you can get around this, but you don't have a real progress to report to your users either.


301 Redirect in Node.js with Express

Thu May 08 2014

When writing this blog system, I never took the time to redirect domains to a single domain.  This includes www -> non-www.  I know, some people like to go the other way, but with a subdomain already there, is just too many 'dot's.  I did a quick search being new to Node and Express, and found node-force-domain.  It's dead simple to use for a permanent 301 redirect, see below:

//put this with all your other requires
var express = require('express');


Posting is Hard

Wed May 07 2014

That's right, posting is hard. Well, at least for me it is. I have this terrible habit of getting stuck with no ideas. OK, you're right, not no ideas but no developed ideas.

I have all these wonderful ideas all the time, or they seem to be at the time. Then, I play around with the idea for a bit, maybe even work on it. Then, suddenly I have a great new idea. So, those rare ideas that stick are always few and far between.

Between these good ideas, I always have smaller thoughts (kind of like this post) that usually don't seem worth posting. Maybe I'll just start writing them down and actually posting them. Who knows, writing does seem to embellish thoughts in a good way sometimes...