Wayne Pincence

Software Developer


C#/.NET, C++, Java, Node.js/Node-Webkit, I've worked in them all. I also have experience porting old applications to new technologies.


HTML5, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, Node.js, Bootstrap, Foundation. Tools for modern web pages and applications.


Both on a desktop, and on the web, I've employed databases including MySQL, and MongoDB.


How many times have you heard someone say they have a passion for software? It might sound strange, but I'm one of those people. Ever since I have been able to program, I have been doing it educationally, professionally, and all the while for fun.

It all started on a TI-84+ SE. Yes, that is a graphing calculator and it is the first device I programmed on. I spent all my free time in High School study hall reading the manual front to back and building things. It started as tools to help with repetetive science formulas, and eventually grew into games. From there I began taking all the relevant courses we had available, including an Intro to CS (python programming) and Web Development (basic HTML)

Fast forward a few years, and I began classes at NHTI in the Computer Engineering Technology program. Most programmers choose to go for a 4 year program like a Bachelor's in CS. Someday I may jump for that, but I wanted to get out in the real world programming sooner.

In my last semester at NHTI, I found myself interning for ZETA Electronic Design, Inc. To this day, I still work there full-time as a software developer. At ZETA, I do a little of everything. Mostly, I work on tools and systems to increase efficiency. This includes everything from custom ERPs to Test Suites for production. I have also worked on some firmware and production software projects.


We all interact with software every day, and there's never enough of it.

I'm Looking to Expand!

If you've got a new idea, or a task that could use improving, let me know! There's no limit to what you can accomplish with the help of software.

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934 First NH Turnpike
Northwood NH, 03261

(603) 397-7944

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